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Somewhere in Somerset

Somewhere in Somerset

We have recently moved to the United Kingdom and I have been taking so many pictures of the beautiful places we have visited.

Background from Erica Hite's Just the Basics Paper Pack.

Alphas and embellishment from Brandy Hackman's Expedition Page Kit.

Font CAC Pinafore.

    I can totally understand where you are coming from. When we visited the Uk the scenery was just stunning. Love how you have circled everything here. TFS.
    Like the composition of this layout. Beautiful photo's.
    Somerset is a beautiful county. It makes me homesick when I see areas I know. I like how you have put the pictures in the circles
    What a creative LO! I love that you took photos looking all the way around and that you varied the size of the circles surrounding the center one. Beautiful photos. I love the English countryside. the direction star in the corner is a great touch.
    What a great LO! I was just browsing the gallery, and yours just caught my eye. The various sized circles really did the trick. Thanks for sharing!
    I love, love, love circles! This is a great layout!
    I love all the circles and all the pictures. A very good way to include many pictures in a single layout.
    Lots of lovely photos there. I like the circular frames. Funny, I was thinking of doing a layout with the same basic layout this morning. Of course I spent so much time chatting, I didn't get to it. ;) Great job! TFS.
    What a FUN layout! Really! The way the sky ends up at the top of each circle gives them the appearance of the old 'side rearview mirrors' on cars (ok...now you know I'm no spring-chicken...oops!) ... so for me ... your layout plays off the 'traveling through the countryside' thing ... views you would see if looking at those mirrors ... I agree with the others that your various sizes really help this layout ... the unexpected element.