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This is our dog Jake...105 lbs of pure puppy. He LOVES water...and we JUST realized this is why is is all wet in the mornings.

Valerie's Provence Kit
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    I love it. Great colors. I feel sorry for the sprinkler!
    Jul 22 2005 02:39 PM
    I love the pics of the dog and the sprinkler. My german shepard doesn't like to be sprayed, but he loves to get crazy in his old wash tub, as long as it has clean water for that day. lol Silly dogs.
    What great pictures!! Love the journaling!
    Oct 13 2006 01:19 PM
    LOL at "those wicked sprinklers"!!!! Cute LO!
    Nice page, Jake is great dog, haven't had a german shepherd for a pet in a very long time, mines name was Shep