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HP Book Party

HP Book Party

Journaling reads:
This was it, the seventh and final book!
I decided this was my last chance to
go to one of the Harry Potter book parties
at Borders so Kayla went with me. We
got there about 10 pm and they had story
tellers and magical skits...even lightning
bolt tattoos that she had to have. By the
time they were ready to start selling the
books at midnight Kayla was completely
exhausted. We waited in line for over an
hour but decided it was too much. Luckily
we had our copy reserved and we were able
to go home knowing we could go back the
next day to pick it up...so thatís exactly
what we did...

Credits: Amanda Sok Princess Brushes, Amanda Sok Charisma Frame,
Diane Miller Edgy Falling paper, Curled Edge Jan Hicks, Beaded Star Misty Cato,
Tracy Collins Welcome Back Paper, Harry Potter Page Kit from DSP, Staple Lynne Simmons

Fonts: Ovidius

    Love the LO. The the magic sparkles are very cute. I like your journaling to capture the night. Nicely done! The book was great too :)
    You did a fantastic job capturing her excitement! The colors you choose work perfectly with the HP feel, very rich and magical. Great photo, love the lightening bolt. This is a girl after my own heart.