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Theodore Roosevelt National Park (NL)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park (NL)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park (title)
A Place Like No Other (subtitle)
An unbelievable variety of animals (bison, prairie dogs, wild horses, elk, golden eagles and more) and a view that goes on forever. Old Teddy sure knew where to go.
Summer Expedition 2007

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Thanks for taking a look! :)

p.s. - I like to tease my husband about the photo of him and my son in the lower left - I call it his Lewis & Clark pose.

    Wow, the photos and LO are just gorgeous! I also really liked your LOs in the Memory Makers magazine.
    I loved this when I saw it in the NL. How majectic! Great view! I love the LO, I never think to use round-edges but they look great. Ummm, how'd you get a close-up of a bison like that??? lol
    That big shot is Absolutely AMAZING! Is it a stitched together panorama? If not, what lens did you use? All those shots are so clear!
    Wow, this is beautiful! Just the right balance between the large and small photos and all the elements. Lovely page.

    Izzy B
    This is just WOW!!! I totally love this page and the main photo is amazing, I want to go there!
    Wow this looks like something out of National Geographic!! Beautiful.
    You are a fabulous photographer!!! Love the layout too.
    Beautiful photos, and LO. Makes me wish I was there. TFS.
    Love how you showcased the large photo and complimented it with the small photos.