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Theodore Roosevelt National Park (NL)


Theodore Roosevelt National Park (title)

A Place Like No Other (subtitle)

An unbelievable variety of animals (bison, prairie dogs, wild horses, elk, golden eagles and more) and a view that goes on forever. Old Teddy sure knew where to go.

Summer Expedition 2007



ScrapSimple Digital Layout Template: Rip Torn II VRA

ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Cardstock SNU

ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Legacy 2 KSC

Well Worn Brush Set BVA

Walkaway, Walkaway Condensed, Walkaway Expanded (fonts)


Thanks for taking a look! :)


p.s. - I like to tease my husband about the photo of him and my son in the lower left - I call it his Lewis & Clark pose.

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I loved this when I saw it in the NL. How majectic! Great view! I love the LO, I never think to use round-edges but they look great. Ummm, how'd you get a close-up of a bison like that??? lol

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