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Pandy Tudur Swansea (pg 2)


© Livia (gloomy_liv) 2007

Pandy Tudur Swansea (pg 2)

Well...I decided to do a 2 page layout for the September Swap Crop. (This is page 2)

The subject - Shari (PV mom of 2) and her gorgeous Welsh Corgi, Pandy Tudur Swansea (or just Pandy for short).

Supplies used:

Made silver brad myself :)
Fonts: Klee CapScript, Port Credit, Pakenham and Tahoma

Shari, I hope you like it!! :)

    A two page layout! Wow, you go girl! Great journaling and photos. I like the muted colors you've used on here...really makes those photos stand out.
    Nice work Liv. Good idea to do a two page LO.
    Both pages are just wonderful. I'm sure Shari will be so pleased to see them. Great job!
    Oh Livia! I love it! Thank you so much! I'm going to post your right now!
    OMG is that Pandy in the beer bowl?? LOL..love the layout. SO sweet of you to do the 2 page spread for Shari..I know she will love it!
    I love the two page spread. That story is too funny! Good job on the brads, too!
    I like how the ribbon ties it all together. (pun not intended) :cheeringdog: Great job!
    Beautiful 2 page LO! I love the blue and the journaling is great! Great job!!
    My weren't you ambitious! Two pages! You make the rest of us look lazy. ;) I also like the ribbon tying the two pages together. Great idea! And nice brads. :) Pandy and Shari are cute together, aren't they? ;)