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Pandy Tudur Swansea (pg 1)


© Livia (gloomy_liv) 2007

Pandy Tudur Swansea (pg 1)

Well...I decided to do a 2 page layout for the September Swap Crop. (This is page 1)

The subject - Shari (PV mom of 2) and her gorgeous Welsh Corgi, Pandy Tudur Swansea (or just Pandy for short).

Supplies used:

Made silver brad myself :)
Fonts: Klee CapScript, Port Credit, Pakenham and Tahoma

Shari, I hope you like it!! :)

    Awww! Liv, this 2-page LO is great! I am sure that Shari will love it! Pandy is just precious and you've created such a precious keepsake for her! And, Shari, you're precious too (didn't want to leave you and your "big hair" out! he-he)!
    Beautiful way to showcase a professional portrait shot in this layout! Fantastic job on the swap crop! I'm sure Shari's going to love this!
    Cute take on the Mastercard commercials! :)
    Darling LO Liv. I love the ribbon tieing the two pages to each other.
    Awww how pretty!!! Shari willlove it for sure!!! great lo's !!! Love the colors you chose to use also!!

    I love the mix of fonts for the title! I love that photo with Shari and Pandy!