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Adventures with CODY


© DigiZaz

Adventures with CODY

I laughed myself silly when Kimmy sent me her photos (and these aren't even the funniest ones). There may be another LO coming, I just have to figure out how to do it in a good way. :)

Paper, embellishments and alpha: Action Hero

Style: Double Ring Glow (PSCS2 preset)

Font: AMC Super

Loosely based on Sketch #13 in Scrapbooking 911

Stuff inside balloons: "Take the deal! Take the deal!" (I'm sure he's watching "Deal or No Deal"), "Kimmy, get me some tea while you're up. Decaf. And a lasagna.", and "What?"

Journaling: Chase the dog...Follow Kimmy around...Sit on Kimmy's lap...Meow loudly...Pounce on the dog...Pretend to be friendly...Be ornery instead...Avoid dresser drawers...Avoid being thrown in the trash...Shred toilet paper...

Created in PSCS2 on an iMac

    Oh my, that's just too funny! How does one get pics like this of a cat??? lol Zaz, you've done a marvelous job with these photos. I just love it!
    Wow Zaz, awesome job!! It definitely not too loud...I love it!
    OMG, ZAZ! Love it...love it...love it!!!!! This is too funny :hahohi: and soooo captures Cody's personality!!! Okay, that's it...i'll post yours now! THANK YOU!!!! :bighug: I never knew how to do these photos justice, but you did it. :bouncing-frog: May frame these and give each of my dd's (all 4) one for Christmas!! :breakdance: Gonna post yours quickly! :runningdog:
    Great layout!
    ROFL!!! Oh, this is too much!!! This is fabulous, Zaz!! My kids want to know why I'm laughing! Great layout that sure to bring a smile every time!
    This is GREAT! What great photos and a lo that really makes the most of them. I may scraplift your idea. WAY cool!
    I am laughing so hard i thought i spit my coffee on my monitor *L*...This is so funny Zaz!! You did a great job!! I love the journaling in the Circle and the Bubble thoughts.... Those photos are a hoot!!
    Too Funny and fate just had you do this LO!! What are the chances???? Very good job :D :D
    HA! That's is HILARIOUS! Those picture coupled with your hilarious cartoon balloons and SO funny! I love this one. The text in a circle around is perfect too. Love this! *loud applause*
    Wonderfully funny lo!! This does justice to those photos--which are genious in themselves. Great work, Zaz!