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In Memory

In Memory

This is Pat's sweet dog, Barnes Nestle' Crunch! And, what a surprise when I opened her picture and she looked just like my dog down to the same collar! I could tell immediately she was a real sweetie with lots of personality. I hope you enjoy the memory, Pat. They forever hold a place in our hearts don't they?

I used:

ASO_Trendy Circles
DEB VistaMontana
SNU Photo Transfer Frame
DMI Jewel
DEB Altered Art

    What a wonderful tribute! Pat will love this! The quote is beautiful and the background paper with all the words is just great with this LO! How very special that you both had the similiar dogs.
    This is priceless. So beautiful. The colors are perfect. She will love it.

    Izzy B
    Wow, this is so beautiful and such a lovely tribute. Love how you did the background and, well, the whole thing. Just wonderful!
    This is amazing! I love the quote! What a terrific photo! Great job!
    Awwe beautiful LO!! I too love the background & what a suprise to see your partner with the same dog LOL

    Pat will love it!

    Wow this one is a stunner!!! I actually had tears when I looked at this and read the quote. Just gorgeous!!!! Love how you have the d wrapped around the page curl!! Fantastic LO.
    "Barnes Nestle Crunch"??? Now that's an awesome name! An awesome LO too - love the elegant colors, the "d" wrapping around the ribbon is a great touch. Love how you framed the pic too. Awww... hearing about pets passing always makes me teary.
    It made me cry Tracy. You have done a wonderful job. I love everything about it. It's neat how the ribbon runs through the loop of the letter. I love the colors and how you framed the photo. Beautiful quote. Thank you.
    Aww Tracy...it is so beautiful..truly and it is obvious Pat was touched..that made it all the more special. You did a fantastic job with all the blending and the embellishments.
    2 Thumbs UP!
    What a wonderful tribute! I love the mesh behind the photo and the wavy lines. Beautiful job!