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'Glades 'Gators Left

Journaling reads:

I graduated from Florida State University, so ‘gators are not my favorite creatures. All kidding aside, they terrify me. Nonetheless, they are fascinating. It really amazed me that the guides in the Everglades get the gators to some play by tossing out kibbled dog food and marshmallows. Who would ever have figured they’d be a pushover for a puffy candy?


Kits: Floriade, Strawberry Iced Kisses, The Organics Collection: Alpha and The Organics Collection: Shapes all by Anita Stergiou. Folded Paper Strip (recolored) from Hey Nonny, Nonny by the NDISB Design Team

Font: James Fajardo

Sketch for right page by Brenda Kempf

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Ok...this LO rocks.....at first I didn't notice the gator kind of oozing out...then it hit me....like WHOA! That is so cool. These prehistoric creatures are scary.....I wouldn't be surprised if they outlive us with the roaches....HA. I am afraid to go to the glades for this reason...don't want to be stranded out there and be gator bait. Again, great job!

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