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Heater Worship

Thanks for taking a look!



If it’s cold outside, Alice is inside worshipping the heater

The first time I found Alice in the bedroom, staring at the heater vent like a worshipping plebe, I couldn’t help but laugh. But now I’m used to her cold weather ritual. She knows where to go to take care of the chill. You go, girl.



paper - Pretty Primavera by Thao Cosgrove

brushes - Snowflake Brush Set by Jan Hicks

pattern - Paint 2101 by Valerie Randall

style - Inked Edges 4101 by Cheryl Barber

fonts - Times New Roman, Arial

Recommended Comments

I always like to see your LOs from a fellow 8.5x11 scrapper!


I like the thin border. and the journaling in the lower right. the amount of white space, and the opacity beneath the main journaling.

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