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Beggar Eddie

Beggar Eddie

I overslept!!! Sooo sorry for missing the chat!
But here's my LO at last:

This is Linda's (hughesranch) Beggar Eddie.
He's not the most cuddly of cats, but oh so beautiful!
The larger photo Linda sent me, had such a warm, fall feel to it
that I decided to go for fall colors and a little bit of grunginess.

BG from "Zoo Collection Mini" by Shalae Tippetts
Alpha from "Autumn Bliss" by Kaerry Veale
Frame from "Lifted Photos: Weathered and Worn" by Melissa Renfro
Flowers from "Blossoms and Blooms Summer" by Brandy Hackman

Font is Satisfaction

    Well isnt this pretty!!! wonderful job here for sure she will love it totally!!!!

    Thess you and Linda have done the same sort of style. It sure is a stunning style. Love the grunge here and the colours. Such a cool title for Beggar Eddie as well. Linda is gonna be pretty thrilled with this I would say!!
    Very pretty, what a great photo for the background!
    Cool layout. Love the way the photo is set into the background. Well done.
    WOW! I love the feel of this one. You almost can feel the cool autumn breeze and the warm sunshine. Great job!
    I love the picture background and the canvas look to it. It looks like a gorgeous painting. Excellent job. She'll love it. :cheeringdog:
    Wow, you've done an awesome job with that really cool photo! Love it. Nice work! :D
    Thess, You did a beautiful job. Love the grunge look and the fallness of the LO.
    Great Job Thess! Love the fall feel to it!
    WOW!! What a wonderful job you did with our Beggar Eddie! Thank you so much Thess...we'll be framing this one!