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pure joy

pure joy

I just loved this photo of Alex on the trampoline (it was not easy to get good shots).

This uses the new HOPE Collection Biggie found HERE

This biggie collection is an amazing collaboration from ScrapGirls Product Designs. All profits from sales of this collection will be donated to the charity,"Food for the Poor."

    Wow dinny, this is amazing photo and the kit is perfect for this!
    Great job!
    Very cool!
    Tramopoline shots are so hard! Especially with boys who have no hair to move! Haha.. Lovely pic and I love this kit, I am going to have to get it! It is amazing.
    Another amazing page... I so love to see your work!
    Aug 31 2005 09:19 PM
    Perfect in every way! TFS!
    Really pure joy !
    Absolutely awesome photo! Perfect to use with this kit.
    missed this first time round wow what a pic infact what a layot
    i love this, crisp clean layout but so powerful fab job as usaul. :breakdance: