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Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery

I hope you guys don't think I'm gross doing a layout like this. Just had to document it. :)

Font Book Antiqua

    Great way to document your surgery Pat! I love the big smile on your face. I really like that you scanned your hospital ID band and added it to your LO. Love the blue & white theme. TFS
    Hey Pat this is a great piece of scrapping!! I think that your background looks very effective, like a sheet.
    I'm just happy you are ok and doing well...I'm beginning to say this often but it's true.."if it happens to us..we scrap it!!"
    I like how you added the hospital bracelet to the page..it's a memory..might be the best one..but it's a memory.

    I love your scanned "embellies" :) Really cool page! The background is very neat too!
    You are amazing! Doing a page after surgery deserves an award! I love this page, the white background, the scientific diagram of the foot and the hospital bracelet are the perfect elements for this page. You are a genius. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    I hope you are will be up and walking soon.
    Great layout.........and you are so brave to have your picture taken in a hospital gown! :o I pray that you heal quickly and perfectly! Love the scanned bracelet - well done!
    Wow! Pat! You are smiling after all of this! Great pics of your hospital stay, your casted foot and the foot bones diagram!
    You are a Winner :D :D :D

    Get Well Soon :waving-hi:
    It's a great LO Pat, I love how you included your wrist band. Glad you're on the mend too - although your foot and leg all wrapped up like that doesn't look too comfortable! Hope you up and about soon!
    Great job on the LO Pat ! You do look like someone whos ready to go home !! Keep up the good work and keep those toes pink and healthy......Love how you added your ID tag!!!!!