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high noon crop 10th oct 2007

Sorry I gate crashed your crop today. I was just having a good old nosy round the site and thought "hmm whats this live chat? is there anyone there?"

and well I droped in on you.


So since I attended I thought I had better make the effort to try to do the challange


Create a layout in the clean lined, graphic, simple style

not sure that this qualifies for this challenge, but there is a very minimum of embells on it



Dragonfly font

Photo of my youngest DS's eye

AMC style water 6101


Made using CS3

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You are right! It's a very graphic and clean cut layout. And the quote is inspired! I think we need to all think outside the envelope once in a while! Bravo! YOu've made a very good point!

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Awesome Fiona! I love the way you blended to photo of the eye into the background. It certainly is clean and simple. Gorgeous.

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I think your interpretation of the challenge is spot on. And good on you for jumping in the deep end and having a go! Great photo by the way... :)

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