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Tailgate cobbler

Tailgate cobbler

I always seem to end up volunteered to bring dessert. This cobbler is so easy and tasty at that. If we're feeding a big group, I will buy those inexpensive 8x8 foil pans and make several. This doesn't seem to cook well in a larger pan, even when doubled.

I used my own handwriting...so I hope ya'll can read it. And I whipped up a pan real quick to have a photo for the recipe card. Can't wait for dessert after dinner tonight!
The rest of the info is in 'details'.

    Ooh ... this looks so yummy and easy! 2 things that are musts for any recipe I tackle! :D Can't wait to try it!
    That looks so awesome! Where are your football embellis from? Too cute! Thanks for joining the challenge, hope to see you in chat tomorrow!
    I love that you used your own handwriting! The recipe sounds delicious and I love the football embellishments!
    Since I'm new, I'll just ask. How do you add your handwriting? Do you use one of those tablets? The recipe looks awesome! I might be able to rival my step-mom's blueberry pie with this one!
    Yummy No mixing how much easier can you get? I like the paper opps recipe cardLOL

    Great recipe lo! Sounds very yummy, too!
    I, too, love that you included your own handwriting and wonder how you did it? Please share the secret! I love the
    home made embellishment...where did you get it? And, I'm thrilled that you included a picture of the actual cobbler!
    GREAT job! :dancingghost:

    Love the way you used your own handwriting-I need to do that!! (learn how!!)