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Girl Outdoors

Girl Outdoors

I'm not quite satisfied with this one -- any suggestions? I tried adding some journaling, but it just looked awkward.

Credits are in the metadata.


    What a fun layout!! Lovely work.
    I like the vibrant colors you've chosen and the fantasy sort of look you are going for.
    CC? Maybe some more texture to your background... or some more dramatic drop shadows to make the elements not seem like they are just floating out there.
    It really is a great look.
    I like how the butterflies really look real. I think the composition is really neat, and of course your daughter is so cute.
    Very darling LO. I love how you extracted some of the flowers. You might just want to add a date along one of the edges of the photo if you think journaling won't fit in well.
    Really great layout but I agree with Pat - a date is essential for later - its incredible how you forget even when you think you won't! I think that the simplicity of it is beautiful, we are often so tempted to do too much - I mean there are so many digital scrapping toys to play with - its hard not to - but you resisted here and the focus is on your daughter where it should be - well done.
    Wow, this is beautiful! I love the bright colors. Your dd is adorable!
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I did deepen the drop shadows and add a date, which finished it off nicely.