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Too Cute to Spook

Too Cute to Spook

We had a special speaker at church last night. The message really touched my heart. He spoke of how important it is to leave a Legacy to not only our children but to our grandchildren as well. Our grandchildren need to know how important God is in our lifes first, and second, how so very important it is to leave them with special memories of us. We need to cultivate special relationships with them and that our Godly influance doesn't end with our children, it should even be more profound with our grandchildren. He was so right. It made me realize how I would want my grandchildren to remember that I loved the Lord and that I loved them and how special they were to me. I want them to remember who I was and the special things about me as well. I guess that's why we scrapbook yes? Anyways... It was a fantastic message that really hit home with me. I wish all of you other grandparents could have heard it.


Abrianna, How cute you were all dressed up in your little cat costume. It was a family affair. Mommy and Daddy, me and your grandma Gonzalez all watched as both your grandpa's took you up to each door and you yelled out " Trick or Treat!".

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    This is just adorable! I think this is the most fun Halooween LO that I have seen. Great work on this one. TFS

    Brenda, this layout made me stopped in the newsletter and say wow! And of course, it's one of yours! :D I really like the arrangement, pencil marks, and title.
    What a sweet story to go with this LO! So glad you shared that. This LO really stood out in the NL. Love how you did "cute" - Im going to use that for sure! Love how you've arranged the photos too. This one is going in my favs!
    This LO is so cute! I love the title treatment you did, just makes it jump off the page. The colors work great with your pictures too and that cat from Erica's collection works great.
    WOW! What a beautiful LO. This LO really stood out in the newsletter. I have saved it to my favoites and hope you dont mind me scraplifting in the future. Thank you for submitting such a beautiful piece of work/art.
    Hands down the most awesome Halloween Layout!!!! The composition, layering & colors are totally FAB!
    :wub: :wub:
    That's 2 wubs up!
    This is just TOO CUTE of a layout. Makes me want to dress my DD up today just to get to use these great colors and elements!
    Awesome comments - you need another layout with that as your journalling. Inspirational.
    I have to say I think this is fabulous!!! I love everything about it.
    Such an adorable page! Love the scattering of candy. :)