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Cadbury pg1

Cadbury pg1

Our vist to cadbury this Tuesday gone, i went on my own with some friends, who came from Scotland... so i took them to the famous Cadbury world , where the best chocolate ever is made!!!!

This is taken by Cadbury Photographers and we bought it but its not very good as one of them cut of so you can't see him!
This is just a reminder for them as they visted CADBURY WORLD!!!

    It looks like everyone had a great time, but I beg to differ on Cadbury being the best chocolate. Hershey's...yum!

    Great layout, Jemima!
    Yes Jen i do love hershey's there is a big competion there!
    Love your pages, great ideas and really good journalling. Well done.
    Great LO nice job with add in's from cad's world but I agree Hershesy's rules!!