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Here is our new dog! She is from a rescue and is the sweetest thing ever! Best of all... she's already house trained (yippee!)!

The journaling reads, "We adopted Bess on October 14, 2007. Jamie had been begging for a Pug for a very long time, so he finally got one for his birthday. He was almost giddy! The pair have been almost inseparable.
We had been waiting for over a month to hear if we could adopt & two weeks more for Bess to arrive. Bess just LOVES Jamie. She sleeps under his desk during the day & on his feet at night. She is a great fit for our family. Jamison likes to pet her & he puts his face next to hers so she will give him kisses."

I used the following SG products:
ASO SS Double LO Templates Double Spread
SG Blossom Biggie
SNU SS Paper Hoot and Annie
TCS SS Tools Paper Styles 5701
KSC SS Paper Broken In
BVA Crayon Basics Brushes


    How cute! Great pics, love your 2-page LO, especially the swirls and the title.
    FUn LO, I like all the bright colors.
    Looks like she's fitting in perfectly. My grandma had a pug when I was little. I like the bright, happy colors you've used. Fun combination of papers too. Love the swirls on the cardboard. Great layout! TFS.
    How sweet! Bess is adorable and you did a great job with your layout!
    What a cutie!! Love the double page.
    Oct 17 2007 02:37 PM
    So cute! The close-up on the left is just adoreable!
    Love the way you did the page; great colors and arrangement.

    I am so happy that you chose to get a rescue! Good for you!!!
    Too cute. Love the colors and shapes used in this LO Great job
    How sweet! Adopted pets seem to be the best sometimes! I think they are grateful for such good homes! Our dog found us, and is the best dog we have ever had! TooooCute!
    Fun layout! Congrats on the adoption...I hope she will make your family happy for many years to come!
    What a cutie! I like pugs. :D