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God are you listening

God are you listening

As some of you know I've had a rough few weeks personally. During one of those days I just broke down. I was so angry with God, why was all this happening? So in the course of the day I wrote this, it was a cry of anquish, but ended with an understanding that yes God does listen!


Passion for Plum by Lisa Dozier
Framed with love II by Birgit Kerr

Font used:

The picture actually is a blending of 4 different pictures I used to convey the mood of brokeness. There in my brokeness was an angel watching over me, comforting me...

Journaling Reads:

God are you listening, do You really care!
I cry out, but no one is there
Iím feeling so abandoned.
I know that you promised that you wouldnít
give us anything we couldnít handleÖ
well GodÖ.
Iím there!
I canít handle anymoreÖ.
Iím wore out and brokenÖ.
God are you listening, do You really care!
Itís me Fran
I need You
I lay broken before You
Crying out for your mercy
Your love
I need to feel your presence once more
God are you listening, do You really care!
Itís me Fran
God You are listening, You do really care!

    Very nice job of conveying the depth of your emotions in this layout with your layers of color and texture. I think it's very important to scrap these moments and feelings, so kudos to you! This is truly beautiful.
    This is so beautiful!! I hope getting your feelings out on "paper" helped you to feel better. I know it does for me. (((hugs)))
    Wow, this is gorgeous! What a great way to let out your frustations! Hope things get better soon.
    What a beautiful expression of your feelings! You did a great job and I'm glad your feeling better!
    Wow. So poignant. Your journaling is so raw, so real, and you've achieved such beauty with the photo and brushwork. I'm not aware of the trial you're going through, but I pray that the marriage of words and art will be therapeutic for you. Take care.
    This is so full of emotion. God is an awesome God and we know afterwards looking back that he does care and is listenening
    to us and will not put us through anything He knows we cannot handle[even though at the time we cannot see this]. I do not know what your going through but I get the impression from your layout that by putting it down on paper things will now improve. Take care and God bless. You are in my prayers. Proverbs 3:5.
    Your layout is amazing.
    This truely is an amazing LO. The depth that your emotions are at is cetainly conveyed in the depths of this LO. I'm sorry that you are feeling as you are and I don't know what the situation is but I do hope that we get to see another LO showing the breakthrough and how God really was listening after all. Stunning LO!
    This was very moving. I can truly relate to a broken spirit. Thank you for putting it into words. Words written for the world to see. Wonderful lo :clapping_kitty: :clapping_kitty:
    I love that you journaled this "emotion." Very raw and heartfelt! Love your textures and your blending ... very striking. God is good, all the time ... all the time, God is good!
    Wow. This is stunning and surprising. The LO is beautiful and the words are so real. Sounds so much like a Psalm. I've been there and truly understand this. What a wonderful way to convey your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for sharing it!