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Home on the Range

Home on the Range

While traveling through the Badlands, in South Dakota, we came across an entire heard of Wild Buffalo. They can be dangerous animals, especially a mother with her calf. People are advised to remain in their cars. Pretty exciting to run across an entire herd!

All these photos were taken with a telephoto lens from the inside of our vehicle.

    Very cool photos. I really like the colors you've used with them. Fun how you clipped the photos to the trim. Nice job! TFS.
    One of my favorite places in the world. :) Great photos! You've done such a nice job here. TFS :)
    Really nice, I love the clips holding the photos to the ribbon! Too Cute! :D
    Great LO, and fond memories. Reminds me of when I was little and my dad decided to hop the fence to get that better shot...you can imagine what happened - Dad had to high tail it out of there QUICK!!!

    Great LO - love the deep colors!
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the photos of the buffalo. They have them in Montana too and raise them for meat :)