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Pirate Treasure

Pirate Treasure

We went camping with our pirates. All the little boys love pirate stuff, so we had matching shirts for the treasure hunt. Tons of fun. Since I can look out my window and see new snow in the mountains this morning, it was fun to remember summer.

Erica Hite Skin Deep Collection.

Journaling reads:
Family forever YOU are our treasure.

    Love the color combo that you used for this, that red stands out so nicely. Great pics too, looks like they had fun. :)
    So cute! You do have some great treasures! My little boy loves pirates, too. So this LO really stood out to me. Not to mention the wonderful red! Love it!
    I love how "Pirates" looks like a shadow on a wall! Very creative my friend!
    Welcome aboard!!!!
    Oh BTW...did I tell you they make the new LO Designers walk a plank??

    :wub: YOU,
    Well, you are not only creative in your scrapping, but in your mothering as well! What a neat idea to do this with your boys. I homeschooled my boys for many years and you strike me as the ultimate home school mom. (That is sincerely a complement!) :) If you were never a home educator, you sure would have been a great one!

    Oh, BTW...lovely page!
    This layout really caught my eye, great colours and what stunning kids. I called my Pirate mad son to have a look at your layout and he loved it! I am very envious of the view from your window, I've always wanted a view of either mountains or sea. I live in Joburg, so have neither, but I do look out on lots of trees so thats pretty cool. Hope you're enjoying it at SG!
    Oh pirates are such the in thing right now. My son actually dressed for school as a pirate the other day because his friends were all doing it too. (No it wasnt halloween or any other holiday either LOL) but it is a huge huge trend right now!