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Big Coat

Big Coat

Here is probably the only LO of my little angel I can post since her face is mostly covered.

I had fun playing with this idea. I saw the kaleidoscope idea in Memory Makers Wedding Idea Book and thought it would be perfect to reflect the fun of Caity running around in this colorful oversized coat.

    how funny kids are! thats such a sweet Lo love the zigzag effect you did with the photo :)
    Very cute! She is adorable in that coat!

    I like the kaleidoscope effect
    This is totally adorable!
    Isn't it fun when you try out new skills. You DD looks like she was having so much fun!
    AWW isn't she cute :D
    I love the colors! What a great moment to capture!! I love reminding myself how silly my kids are....makes me laugh everytime!
    Oh, so colorful and so cute! She is darling even though you can't see her face! Precious layout.