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Just moving this into my gallery. Thanks for taking a look. :)

Photoshop Elements 5.0
Pretty Primavera by Thao Cosgrove)
Felt Tabs - Guy (no longer available)
SS Tools - Styles: Sanded Edge 6301 by Syndee Nuckles
Fonts - Arial Narrow, Walkaway Expanded

Andrew, I love seeing you snuggled up in bed with Daddy, reading a book. I love that you love reading, and I hope you always hold on to your love. I've been many places in this world - but I've been even more places through pages of books. I've learned about different cultures throughout the world, different regions in our country, and different regions in my own mind. Books are a passport to anywhere. Always choose your books wisely, for they have the power to shape you. And always hold on to your love of a good story.
Andrew and Daddy, reading Dr. Seuss.
8 January 2007

    aaaaawwwww... this is melting my heart. This is a great photo of a priceless moment. Your journalling is great too. So special!
    What a beautiful layout of a really special moment! A love of books is one of the most important gifts any parent can give their child isn't it! Stunning.