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Picking Pumpkins

Picking Pumpkins

Katera Halley & myself went to the 3 B's farm & got there late we got lost & had a good time getting there thou.



items used

MREBow template with STI harvest paper
Heidi Dillion New begining cfr paper recolored
STI tools paper textures & water colors
Dover publishing pumpkin & ghost
What' happening,MS Serif, Whitehall 1212 & Mother goose fonts

    That row of pumpkins in the back is very eye catching! You have accented it well with the simplicity of the bow! Nice LO!
    Very nice, I like that bow alot.
    :dito: on the bow. I like how the pumpkins in your photo carry your across the layout. This looks like a fun day together!
    Vey nice layout! I love the ghosts and pumpkins in the background
    Cute LO Caren, Love the colors and the pic is too good.
    Gorgeous! I love the big bow wrapping the photo!
    Neat LO. The bow looks so real. Love the colors and brushwork (or blending?).