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I Want to Make You Laugh

I Want to Make You Laugh

Well, I'm finally conceeding that this one's not getting picked up, lol. I'm slowly working those layouts into this gallery.

This one's of my littlest dude. ;)

(caption) Andrew at McDonald's in Milford - 12 February 2006
(title) I Want to Make You Laugh
(copy) That’s what you said, right before you started spinning around at my feet, smacking your mouth and making “ooh ooh” sounds. Lately you’ve been doing this a lot. At dinner. At the grocery store. And in these photos, at McDonald’s. You really seem driven to put on a show so that people will laugh. And really, who could resist? But just so you know, Andrew, I’m always going to love you - and you don’t even need to make me laugh.

SS Paper Templates: Edgy, Thin by Diane Miller
SS Tools - Styles: Primary Acrylic 5504 by Angie Briggs

    I can't believe this wasn't picked up for publication! I love it. Your title is awesome and your journaling is so sweet. I may just have to scraplift this sometime!
    This is so cute! I love the simplicity of this-it really keeps the focus on your son's antics.
    I love this layout - so clean and graphic. It's great (even if it didn't get picked up!).
    LOVE the white space and the change in perspective. Your lazy s title is the perfect finishing touch.
    This is great Susan!! I love those bright little eyes!! And reading the journalling made me laugh so wee Andrew has succeeded in making another person laugh! :disappearing-smilie:
    fabulous photos!!

    they made me laugh too!
    i love this! adorable photos, great design :)
    I love this one! The simplicity is very attractive.
    I love the storyboard effect you've done here and I can see you have a "typical" boy