Pumpkin Patch

Belvedere Plantation.


Any CC greatly appreciated. I can't decide whether to put the pumpkins behind or in front of the photos. TFL!


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Great layout. I love the bold colors and the wood effect of the background and the title background. And that vine is just darling! Ties everything together nicely. And I think I'd leave the pumpkins out in front - because of the vine.

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Very vibrant. I love the grouping of the pictures and I like the title. I agree with Sarah that the vine ties things together nicely. I also like the bright colours but might suggest making the pumpkins slightly smaller or darker -- or maybe lower opacity to tone them down just a little so they don't distract from the cute pictures. Just a thought and you never know. Nice work.

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I like the way you treated the elements and photo grouping, hope you are enjoying the Farmer Joe Collection. I personally like the vines interacting with the photos, but they could be a little smaller. The only other thing I would adjust is the color of the frames. I would warmer them up as a cream color instead of the grey/white, that way they will play along with the sign coloring.


Your daughter is too cute, I love the picture with her sitting on the pumpkin. :)

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Thanks for the CC; you helped me a lot! I redid the pumpkins to be about 30% smaller, which left the vine too short to reach the edge of the paper (the pumpkins/vine were from the Halloween templates), so I pasted a new section on. I also took Trish's suggestion to recolor the frames to cream, and that really improved things! I'll upload the fixed version when I finish playing around with the vines :-).

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