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Rich History of the South

Rich History of the South

My swap partner for October was Marybeth aka Hawk'sGirl.
I had so much fun doing this layout - mainly because I always loved these gorgeous Southern plantation houses, and have always wanted to visit the South just to see some... it just so happens that Marybeth lives in Alabama!! So, she sent me some beautiful photos that I couldn't wait to use in a LO...anyway...

The supplies I used:

3 photos that Marybeth took (yep, I used a photo to make the background paper)

The background paper was made using: CBARBR_Bliss_paper_floral3, one of Marybeth's photos & a paper of my own, all blended together :P

AMC_CottageQuilt_Spec_Tag-Green (recoloured)

Fonts: Chopin Script (title) and Daisy Script (on tag)

Marybeth, I hope you like it!! :)

    Beautiful !! great job she will love it!!

    This is so pretty. I too love those Southern homes. I like the frames that you used around the photo's, and I like the the font you used for the title.
    How beautiful! I love these houses too! Your choice of materials really go well with the photos.
    This lo is beautiful and really fits your subject matter. I love how you made the background paper from one of the photos. How did you make your title font look like a sticker? I would love to know that trick!
    Livia, this is so beautiful. Love the title and awesome job with the background. Perfect!!!
    Very nicely done. Everything works together beautifully!
    What a lovely job you have done of this making it sorta like the time period. Looks like something from Gone with the Wind!! :disappearing-smilie: MaryBeth will love this!!
    Beautiful job with the background! I love the frames, too. Just beautiful!
    Love the wonderful old-fashioned feel of this LO. Great job on this Livia!
    I just love those frames. They match those beautiful homes perfectly.