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LO for 3 Tadpoles Mom

Hi girls. Here is my final layout for Sara (aka three tadpoles mum). I don't know whether I had a mind blank or what but this is the third and final layout that I did for Sara. The other two just didn't seem right. I hope you like it Sara.


The journalling reads:

Our Family Home

This is a photo of my family in front of Walla Walla University. This place has become a very special place to our family. Its where Delvin & I first met 10 years ago when we were both studying for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.After a move to Oregon for Delvin’s Maters Degree God led us back to Walla Walla. This has been the longest we have lived in one place but we wouldn’t change it for a thing.


Thanks for looking.

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This is fabulous. You've achieved excellent contrast on the black & white portion. And while it seems that the fading on the background would make it fade away, it does just the opposite making it stand out as well. Very artistic & Very cool.

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What a great way to do this Karen. As Patty Anne has already said the contrast works so well. What a great idea.

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Karen. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for improving my photo. I just love it. I can see a lot of work went into it. It is just so beautiful. I love the green tint to the background. Thank you so much!

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Karen, what a cool idea! You are such a creative thing! ;) Now you've got me wondering what the other layouts looked like! Great job!



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