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Ai Sushi Mug

My mom made a request for a sushi mug... so I do what I can to oblige ;)


I used the following SG Products:

MST SS Tools Patterns Graffiti 1801

EHI Henna Frames Brushes

EHI Oodles fo Doodles Frames Brushes

DEB SS Paper Dry Brush

MST Conversate Brushes

Recommended Comments

What fun pics and that is a cute frame. I like the way that you have used the chopsticks embellishments. I found the text a little difficult to read on the image but it sure tells the story.


Mary Elizabeth

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oh... a MUG! I thought that was an odd shape for anything except maybe a lampshade.

Anyway, this is so cute and your photos are great. They really showcase the many ways that kids first approach chopsticks. The dramatic red is the perfect background, and I just love your delicate little gold frames on each photo.

My husband & I are sushi fanatics so our daughter was better with chopsticks than she was with a fork for more than a year. Edamame and rice are her favorite foods to this day!

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