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Initiation to the Game

Initiation to the Game

Not one of my favorites, but it records the memory. ;) Thanks for taking a look! :)

to the game
Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa’s house means an evening spent in front of the fireplace playing “the game.” For years the game was Trivial Pursuit. Lately the game of choice is Apples to Apples. No matter what game is chosen, things always get a little spirited and competitive - all in the name of fun. This year, Andrew, you were initiated to this tradition. It’s a rite of passaage, son, and one not to be taken lightly. Welcome to the game. Thanksgiving 2006

Urban Cowgirl Collection (Keri Schueller)
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    Oh, I really like it! Love the smaller close ups! I have some game pics and haven't been sure what to do with them. I think it's a great LO! Your big shot is great too. I'm sure your little fella loves this one ... and that's what counts. My son LOVES to look at his SB over and over!
    Oh How cute & I just love the sentiment behind the lo!! gave me goosebumps Susan how sweet is that!!

    Great LO! I adore it!
    wonderful pictures and reminds me of my family also~ our game is balderdash,but we have played apples to apples too~
    I just love how you arranged those photos. We play lots of games during the winter and apples to apples is one of them. We can't wait until or kids are old enough. Great way to document this and such wonderful journaling. This is going into my favorites. TFS!
    Great layout...is it for your desktop....the ratio looks like it is set up to be for the desktop....anyways...I love the journaling....I can picture your family playing games...all the laughter...and memories right by that beautiful glowing fire. I really like the close up of the cards....job well done!!!!
    Looove this! Such a cute photo, and the accent photos are a great touch! And wonderful journaling. :)