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Arkansas Autumn

Journaling reads:

My ancestors - from 3 of my 4 main lines - would have known these scenes well. Crowley’s Ridge, left, was home to some of the Coles, and not far from home for the rest as well as the Joneses and Hardys. Sunset over the Ouachita Mountains was not far from the Wood family and they would have passed through this area as they headed north to Siloam Springs.


Kit: Hip Halloween (purple paper recolored) by Theresa Hernandez

Fonts: VTKS Espinosa and Mistral

Sketch Template by Robin Cabana

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Gorgeous photos. We were just at Crowley's Ridge for the 4th of July. Maybe we should go sometime in the fall to see these colors. thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful photos and layout, Susan. The only comment I can add is that I really like the way you nested the frames around the main picture.

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