Party Hearty

When I was stationed in England in the mid and late 1970's, Burtonwood Army Depot (RAF Burtonwood) was down to about 125 Americans. We all live din the family housing area and we had THE cutest little bowling alley in the world - all four lanes of it! It was right across the street from my quarters - I could hit it with a rock and it was THE gathering place of an evening unless you went into town to the pub. We had a blast and made memories to last a lifetime there.


Journaling reads:

I didn’t have the highest average in the base mixed bowling league in Spring 1977. I wasn’t the strongest woman bowler, but I wasn’t the weakest, either, and was improving all the time. But this night, the final roll off of the season, we were in second place going in and I rolled a whopping 280 average for the night. Now, since my average was 162, I had a pretty decent handicap. When it was added in with the night’s average and the final numbers tallied - WE WON! We already had a party planned at my quarter, which were right across the street and we partied hearty until dawn.


Men with no decorating sense had lived in these quarters before they were assigned as barracks for the women. The living room, dining room and hallway were the “quietest” rooms in the house - royal purple walls, white ceilings, brown floors, red carpets, yellow drapes, black furniture. One bedroom was tangerine orange, one was peacock blue, and one was the boldest lemon yellow I’d ever seen. Yep - it was a party place - so loud you could hear it shout all over the base housing area! We painted not long after these pictures!


Kit: Party Girl by Bonnie Van Esch

Font: James Fajardo and Mama

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This is really cool & I loved reading whatyou wrote here do another page & put your journaling down so you have the memory documented just like you wrote here, I love it !!



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I love this lo! It is so evocative of era! I also like it because it's happy! Great job, Susan!




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