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Carl & Patricia Cerwonka

Carl & Patricia Cerwonka

Ingredients used:
LCO White Wedding Rose Pattern
ASO Mulberry Wine
ASO Winter White
BVA Well Worn Brush set
DMI Edgy Brush set
SNU Victoriana Paper Mini
KSC Words to Live By Brush
Font Eccentric Std.

    Very sweet LO. I just love older photos. What a nice tribute to your parents and what a nice thing you will have when you are done!
    This is beautiful! Wonderful that you have these photos- and I think you will be really happy that your children will have these lovely pages in the future!
    This is beautiful Mary Jo. They layout itself is simple and elegant, the brushwork behind your mother's portrait is lovely. I particularly like how you did the focal photo... The curled edges imply an aging and moment past, but the outer glow shows that this is a love and moment that will live on forever. The photo may fade, but that union and that love and the beauty of that particular moment will shine on through eternity.
    You guys are so sweet ! thanks for the lovely notes !!!! you're the best !
    This is absolutely Adorable and Beautiful. You did an awesome tribute to your mom.
    Mary Jo, this is beautiful! I love the colors and the frames. Your dad is going to love this!
    I think its very pretty Mary Jo. My only suggestion would be to center up the names in the little oval.
    Wow MaryJo! It's a lovely page. I think that your dad will appreciate it. And, it will be nice for you to be able to look at it as well!
    Lovely. I especially like the brown ribbons and flourish you used.
    I think your dad will love it!! well done Mary Jo!! glad you did it!!