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Seven Year Old Beauty

This is a picture of my friend's daughter. I originally made this LO for the Mastering Brushes embossing class just for practice. When my friend saw it she wanted to use it as a title page in her daughter's portfolio, so of course I had to re-do some of my "first draft". This is what I ended up with. Isn't Madison just a beautiful child? Wow!



TCS_MerryMine Papers (Lively, Diagonal Green, MiniCheck, Chartreuse)






KSC_Medallions1_BrushSet - Green Embossing

RhonnaFarrar_2ps_PhotoEdge4 - Photo Embossing




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What a beautiful page. I love those colors. How lucky to find a darling little girl to do a page for because all boys doesn't allow this kind of page. Great work.



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the page is beautiful and so is Madison. Your use of colors really plays up her gorgeous eyes and adorable smile.

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BEAUTIFUL! Susie ... this layout is awesome!!! The colors around the photo really make Madison leap off the page. Great job!

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This is just stunning! I LOVE the colors & that embossed mat you have is wonderful! In fact all your embossing is just beautiful! Then there's that little girl...my gosh! What a gorgeous child!!

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