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halloween 2007

halloween 2007

pic # 4 of 4 dee as a scarecrow

i apologize for posting 4 times, i have 4 children and each get there own album, so i have 4 seperate LO's that are identical with a diff photo..tfl

i used

SNU_Dad_PaperSpecial-recolored...i think it looks like a chalk board so i used eraser dust font on it to add the kids costumes to the LO

and the eyeballs im not sure were i got those from

    I love the eyeballs that you used for the 2007 type. Cute costumes, looks like you guys had a good time!
    I think it's great that you posted separate for each kid. We have 5 so I always want to do the same. Cute idea and LOs.