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Family Memories

Family Memories

The journaling reads: "I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose." Woody Allen

This is a picture of Thanksgiving in 1957. That's me and my three brothers. It looks like the two youngest boys were up to no good again. They were very close in age, and what one didn't think of the other did. They were a joy though and brought a lot of laughter into our home - and they still do especially when milk comes out of their noses!

I'm so thankful for our interesting family life and the love we all share.

The other photo is our Guest of Honor - the TURKEY!


Frame - Beth Rimmer
Note Paper - Dea Spina
Brad - Elizabeth Lane
Paper - Amanda Thorderson - Count Your Blessings Kit
KIT - Count Your Blessings - Amanda Thorderson

    I love the frame, how it angles. I love the photos, and how you did your journaling.

    The pages are beautiful!!!! Kuddos! :D