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Thirteen Ways (NL)


© Susan Neff

Thirteen Ways (NL)

Thank goodness my subject matter here is now 14 - things are much better. ;) I hear 15 is a doozy, though...

13 Ways to Annoy a 13-year-old

1. Talk to him.
2. Don't talk to him.
3. Tell him you love him.
4. Disagree with him.
5. Make eye contact with him.
6. Hold hands in front of him.
7. Kiss in front of him.
8. Ask him a favor.
9. Remind him to clean up after himself.
10. Tell him to be nice to his brother.
11. Tell him to take a shower.
12. Ask him a question that requires more than a monosyllabic response.
13. Remind him that he's only 13.

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    I like this page a lot, short and sweet. :dancingcow:
    Oh how true, Susan! I need to save your list for a few years - my oldest grandchild is almost seven. I love the repetition and layering of "13" on your page.
    Oh boy, this is cute and how true!
    cute LO I should do a list similar for our daughter here~ she hates the loveystuff !
    Susan, this is so cute!! I like the 13s in the LO - you snuck one in, didn't you?! I've got a 13 YO and I can relate! You did a wonderful job!