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Now I know my ABC's (sort of)

Now I know my ABC's (sort of)

When Megan was learning her ABC's, she LOVED to sing the ABC song. But, every time, she would skip J and L, sing MENO-MENO-Q, and then skip R, and repeat Q. She sang it that way for weeks! It was pretty funny and I wanted to record that memory!

I used the following Scrap Girls products:
Doodle Dandy Collection Biggie
Doodlelicious Collection Biggie
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: All Buttoned Up
ScrapSimple Type Paths: Shapes 2101

This layout is an example from the class "Conquering the Fear of Patterned Paper"

    This is absolutely darling. What a great arrangement. I just saw a video of my 4 yr old GD in England singing the song and it made me cry. I think she kind of slurred over LMN a bit too. :)
    SUCH A CUTE layout! Love the white with all the cute doodle-y colors. Love the alpha around the edge with her particular interpretation of the song. You should put your 'comments' into the blue square. That story is part of what makes this so darling!
    This LO is so cute and playful.. a great way to preserve the memories of how she spoke at her age. They change so quickly!
    What a fun looking LO and such a cool way to use patterned paper!! I agree with Patty Anne, that cute story needs to go on the LO as well.
    That is so cute! What a neat memory for her to have. Thanks for sharing!
    Darling layout! Love the bright patterned papers. (I figured out the story without it being on the page, BTW) ;) I really like how you've put her alphabet around the page. Great job!
    so cute!! love the plain white background! It makes everything pop :)
    I love this. Great job. I also agree with Patty about putting your story of it on the page. I love the bright colors, I just love everything about. What a great memory to have.
    I love the composition of this layout. It looks great. I like the doodle look.
    Eeeek! Love that you record her alphabet song! Meno-meno...heeheehee