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If I Could Time Travel

I love this picture of my mother. It will always hold a special place in my heart because it was taken the night before she passed away. She was actually playing her all time favorite game SkipBo (if you can believe it) the night before she was to have scheduled open heart surgery. LOL!! She loved that stupid game!! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be with her that night because my daughter decided it was time to have her first baby. Yep.. she went into labor that night and of course I had to be with her. Although I wasn't able to see my mother the following morning, I was able to share my excitement with my mother on the phone just after Abrianna was born and just before the surgery. I was so excited to have my first granddaughter. My mother passed away that day due to complications from the surgery. I honestly never thought that it would end up that way. I remember thinking how excited my mom would be to see Abrianna when she was well enough after the surgery. We're just never prepared for the worst. But I'm so glad I have this photo of her at that moment in time.


Journaling reads:


I know that some day I'll see my mom again in heaven.

But wouldn't it be neat if I could go back in time and

meet my mother when she was growing up? Or

maybe talk to her when she was a teen-ager?


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Brenda, this is such a wonderful and meaningful layout. I love the vignettes of your mom on the clock face. How wonderful that you have a picture of her so soon before her death.

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