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Crab Soup

This recipe couldn't be easier! It also yields one of my favorite soups. My mom got the recipe from a friend years ago....and I have to say...it's a tradition. Great to bring to dinners or other get togethers. We usually use the imitation crabmeat. We've used real crabmeat before, but the pieces are so small, we love eating the soup with chunks of meat. If you want to add something else...you may be able to add potatoes (I've considered trying, but haven't tried yet). But if you add potatoes, the soup will take longer to fix. You can probably get this cooked under 30 mins with no potatoes. If you want to add a few extra spices, go ahead. This tastes similar to the base of New England Clam Chowder. This soup may have a little more kick, depending on how much of the crab boil you use. Thanks for looking.


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The layout is simple but looks yummy. Never heard of liquid crab boil so whats that??




Liquid crab boil can be found in the spice aisle at your grocery store. I think I usually find next to the cajun seasonings. I mentioned that you should get the liquid kind, so you don't get the pouch...that has all the grains. You can usually find it in small bottles...it's probably like an ounce or two. If the glass is clear the liquid will have a red color.


Here's a link to show you what the bottle looks like from Zatarain's



I think another brand you can find is old bay.

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