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version 2 shabby chic cali

version 2 shabby chic cali

i added drop shadows, thanks for help denise and rose ann. i also changed the backround on the alpha per denise suggestions. i didnt add a drop shadow to the flowers ( they are stickers...right? what do you think?)

thanks for any ideas.

    The drop shadows look good, bjc. I also think of the flowers as stickers. The entire layout looks great!
    Hi there bjc, I think you did a fabulous job. The only suggestion I have is I would pull your photo and word art grouping down a bit and put your journaling tag in the upper right corner (light green side) on a bit of a tilt with a slight drop shadow.

    It's nice to see a shabby chic guy page! I have a son who I struggle to create pages for and I tend to like this style. Thanks for the example.

    Very cool! See how your Alpha is popping now? :)
    Wow! Those small changes made a big difference!! It looks Terrific!
    That Alpha looks great.You made some great choices with the paper.The little flowers look great.Just the right amount for a guy page.I think those soft greens will tie in great with your other layout
    great job!