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denise thanks for your cc ....i love to hear it...here is the new version with what i think are your suggestions....so let me know what you think and any other ideas...also still wondering your thoughts on how pages need to or dont need to relate togehter when doing a scrapbook ...like this page and the last page i did ( in green ) and also if the fruit and the little journal on bottom need a drop shadow or not? and how do you decide.... are the other drop shadows ok?

thanks, bobbie

    Wow, Bobbie! Just looked at the first version along with Denise's suggestions and this redo...awesome! You nailed the curled edges embellishment. I love the scalloped edge of the brown paper that repeats in the scallop of the frame. An incredible page for your album! (I haven't even started mine and I don't think I'll have time until after Thanksgiving--already have a house full of company staying here! :disappearing-smilie: )
    Really NICE job, Bobbie! The first one was great, but the changes make this just lovely! Funny how such small things make such a big difference visually.

    Looking at both of your pages on the photostrip, I don't see why they wouldn't look fine next to each other in a book. They certainly don't clash and they are about the same vacation.
    Very nice layout, Bobbie! Those few changes did make it a little more balanced. I love the colors and the curled paper looks great. I haven't used those yet, but plan to soon.

    I made a 20 page digital album this year for my daughter. I learned a lot about how to plan an album and how to make the double page layouts coordinate. I'll summarize the main points I learned and sent it to you by PM.

    To all other class members - If you would like my summary on creating albums, please let me know and I'll send it to you.

    Bobbie, I think your shadows look great.

    I think of the fruit embellishments as stickers, so a drop shadow would not be necessary. But others might prefer it - especially if a bevel is added to create more of a chipboard look.

    The white label might need a shadow if you are thinking of it as a cardstock label. I don't know any other way to determine when a shadow is needed, but someone else might have more info.
    thank you everyone for your comments...they are a great help to me...

    have a nice thanksgiving

    I think everything looks great Bobbie.It's a wonderful page.I thought your first LO was great anyway.Its amazing what a little tweaking can do.Your choice of colours are just right.Your shadows look fine to me
    Beautiful job.... Love the tweaking... You already had a wonderful page to start....