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Christmas Past Mint Tins

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I bought Amanda Sok's Mint Tin templates and made these "Christmas Past" tins for presents this year. I love the way they turned out. The photos I took of them don't do them justice, but I wanted to share them anyway! I used pictures of my girls from 2004-2006 at Christmas time. I bought little satin bags for the mints at Walmart, too.




ASO-SS Digital LO Template Mint Tin

EHI-SS Embellishment A Joyful Season

EHI-A Joyful Season Collection

SNU-SS Tools Styles Sanded Edges

MST-SS Tools Styles Inked Edges

ASO-SS Tools Styles Glittered Gelly 6401

CBA-SS Tools Styles Glitter 4101, 4102

KSC-Kiddie Christmas Collection

EHI-SS Tooles Styles Fabric 5401


I think I got everyone!

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I love these Carla. I have always loved this idea but in NZ we dont have anything that comes in cute little tins and I don't like buying them cos they usually cost an arm and a leg at the scrapstores. This is just a lovely gift!

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Carla, these are just darling. I can tell how much hard work you've put into these. Lucky recipients is all I can say! Thanks so much for taking these pictures to show us. I have seen, and actually have the template, but haven't been able to convince myself I could do the "hands on" part. Nor, until seeing these photos did I really have an idea how they would look.

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It looks awesome! (I've made them too and they are hard to photograph to do them justice)

It's so cool that you bought a little bag to actually include mints in with the gift!!! duh! That never occurred to me. double duh!!

You've just added something to my Christmas To-Do list.

Wonderful job on this!

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These are wonderful! I have been wanting to see these fixed as I've heard them mentioned here and there! I just love all these wonderful little photos. You have done such a great job ... and I love your idea of bagging the mints as well. What a special touch!

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