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CD Book

This is a very easy but cute book idea that I got from the Donna Downey Creative Albums book.



-I created a template in photoshop of a cirlce the size of the cd.

-For this book I created each layout in photoshop then printed them out. You could print out the papers individually and put together like a "paper layout"

-I then ran the layout through my xyron

-After all cd's were covered front and back I then used a medium sized drill to put a hole through all the cd's at once.

-I then used the drill to put a small hole through a couple of the cd's to hang tags from.




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Angleigh, I have been searching all over for a template or pattern to make a CD album like you have done at this link here in this website. link:




I use adobe photoshop elements 2.0 and wondered how did you create at circle template in photoshop to use for the pages? I am DYING to make a round digital scrapbook page the size of the cd, what diminsions did you use and where do I put these dimensions in to create the circle in Photoshop?


I know that is a lot of quesitons, but I really would love to know! Thanks so much!


Scrappy Ethel

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