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Layout by Mandy Steward using November 2007 ScrapSimple Club Contents, Photo ID Badge Special, Destinations Collection and Blackberry Brush Set

    What a beautiful dream. Because you dream it, I know it is already happening. Thank you for having the courage to share your dream and make it come true.

    How right you are. Such a great message and the LO really compliments it.
    Dec 02 2007 11:47 AM
    What a cool layout. I wish I could spill my heart out verbally better. I'm not good with expressing my thoughts. I know I should expand on this as what you did on the layout just ties everything together. Love everything you did on this layout, and you did reach me.....thanks.
    This is such a cool design - love it! :) TFS
    I loved this when i saw it in the newsletter! It reminds me of our pastors encouragement to pray 'God sized' prayers...if we only pray simple things, we don't see how BIG our God is the way we do when he answers the BIG prayers...kind of like your BIG dream, when you see it fulfilled, you will have a new understanding of how big God really is!!! It will be awesome!!
    Amazing layout and message, Mandy!!