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© &copy Susan Neff
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This is the finished layout from the do-over in the newsletter. Thanks for taking a look. :)



Today you go on your first big solo adventure... walking home from school. You'll decide your own route. You'll stop to get a snack at the convenient store. You'll walk along streets you've traveled many times, but they'll seem different. You'll notice more details. Like the way the sun feels on your skin. The way traffic moves the air as cars rush past. The chirps of the birds. The flowers pushing up through the earth. There's a certain thrill to doing things on your own. I hope you'll always feel that way - enjoying the expectation of something new around the corner and not knowing yet what it will be. Keep that outlook all your life, Steven. It is a blessing to have an adventurous heart. - April 2003


Quote: It is good to have an end to journey toward...

... but it is the journey that matters in the end (Ursula Leguin)



Erica Hite - Destinations Paper and SS Paper Templates: Destinations

Keri Schueller - Journey Paper

Diane Miller - Edgy Brushes

Cheryl Barber - SS Tools - Styles: Inked Edges

fonts - Times New Roman and Walkaway


© &copy Susan Neff

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I loved this do over! Your journaling was so touching and I really like the map background! Your LO's are always so clean, but cozy at the same time! KWIM? LOL!

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What a a great thing to journal about and scrap. You sparked my memory of this time in my life....I love your layout and the map paper looks great.

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