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Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

I was trying to achieve a somewhat lighthearted approach to a sort of serious topic. lol
The "world" is waiting to see if my sweetie proposes to me during the holidays.
I'm fairly laid back and have not been pressuring him. We've talked about getting married...

I used mostly Erica Hite's Joyful Season
and a little of Keri Schueller's Kiddie Christmas

    I realized that you might not be able to read it...

    The 3 tags by the pictures say:
    Hmmm, What could I possibly want for Christmas this year???

    Maybe if I think really hard about it, I'll come up with something.

    A-ha! I have figured it out! The one thing I want...

    The rest of the journaling says:
    ...a marriage proposal from Rich. Yep, that's the one thing I'm wishing
    for this Christmas. That would certainly put a smile on my face.
    17 days left until Christmas. We shall see what is to come...
    Very cute LO! Like your expressions and embellishments. Hate to tell you this though, but after the engagement, everyone will be waiting for the wedding, then waiting for the first child, then waiting for the .....LOL! It never ends, so keep scrappin'!
    oops...I realized that I left off a credit.
    The swirly element is from Shabby Princess 'Twas the Night
    That is Adorable! Thanks for sharing and Good Luck :D
    Very, very cute! Fabulous photos. Love how you used the alphas to make your title. Fantastic job with this! And hope you get what you're wishing for. :)
    Be careful what you wish for!!! You gotta promise to let us all know if your wish comes true. Love your layout, great photos and a clever idea.
    An adorable layout! Love the photos and your expressions! Great journaling. I'll be keeping my fingers crosssed for you!
    Wow Charlene! Your LO looks great! What a cute idea! I love your journaling and your pictures are so cute! Keep it up! And do please tell if you get your wish! I guess you'll have to make another LO to let us know!
    Thanks ladies.
    I'll have to do a follow-up layout.
    It will either showcase a new ring...or my thoughts on
    not having one.
    We'll see.
    Such a cute and fun page! Great job with the photos and the embellishments.