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Looking Up

Looking Up

Layout uses: SS Emb Temp: Office Memos, SS LYO Photo ID Badge, Home Life Embellishments, Altered State Collection, SS Emb Temp: Marginal 2, Legacy Papers, Alive Papers, Fleur Embellishments, SS Digi LO Temp: Storybook Land1, Treasure Alpha Brown, Janet Alphas

    This is absolutly brilliant! You combined so many different elements, and they are all perfect! There is so much to look at but it isn't busy at all! Awesome, I love it!
    I LOVE this layout. In fact, I like the composition of the page so much I will probably have to lift it. I really like the colors, the wonderful photos and the use of the ID badge is inspired. I am so sorry to hear that you have been going through a rough patch, but you have figured out the secret. So many of life's most important lessons are learned when we make a change in attitude and look up for guidance. Thanks for sharing this wonderful layout and your many talents with us!

    A gorgeous photo and such a positive statement. Love it! :)
    I hope your neck starts getting stiff :)
    keep on looking up!

    beautiful layout as always, LOVE how you've combined everything.