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Alien Abuction

Alien Abuction

I found these crazy pictures that my boys had taken of themselves. I just had to do something wild with them. Thanks for looking.

Ursula Schneider's Again Collection

    LOL this is hilareous, love what you did with them.
    Hilarious!! Thanks for sharing! :)

    (my children can totally commiserate)
    Oh Paula - you crack me up! What a fun layout you have pulled together with this!
    oh too fun!!! I love it.
    too funny, great photo effects.
    Paula, this is way too funny! Love the "alien" photos!!! Your treatment to this page is FAR OUT! By the way, tell your boys we would love to continue learning more about them and seeing their precious faces here ....
    This is just hilarious! Made me laugh!
    LOL..laughing to hard to say anything...
    Love it!
    This is sooooooo funny! What a delight. I LOVE Halloween and this just jumped off the page for me.
    I might stop laughing someday, but this is absolutely priceless!!!